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Top tips for buyers requesting quotes for turned parts

23.05.2024 - CNC Milling | Turned Parts

Learn the essential details to include when requesting quotes for turned components. This guide will help you ensure accurate and timely quotations for precision turned parts and CNC machining services. Read more

CNC turned parts quotation

Dave Butler continues his journey of precision after 44 years at APT Leicester

19.03.2024 - APT News

Discover the remarkable journey of Dave Butler, from his start as a young machinist to becoming a revered figure in CNC machining. Join us as we recognise Dave's ongoing commitment to dedication, innovation, and mentorship in the machining world. Read more

Dave Buttler 44 years at APT Leicester

Gearing Up for a Promising 2024

22.01.2024 - APT News

Explore how APT Leicester is gearing up for 2024, enhancing CNC turning and precision machining with sustainable practices and advanced technology, while maintaining a commitment to high-quality turned parts in diverse materials. Read more

Nick Baller - Managing Director at APT Leicester

Cutting-Edge Aerospace and Beyond Turned Components Quality Control

24.08.2023 - APT News

APT Leicester introduces the next level in precision turned parts and CNC machining with the Keyence IM-7030T system. Learn how our state-of-the-art equipment, backed by AS9100 Aerospace accreditation, drives unmatched accuracy and efficiency across industries. Read more

Keyence IM-7030T image dimension measurement system

Eco-friendly Precision Engineering with New Aqueous Cleaning System

06.06.2023 - APT News | Environment

Our investment in the MWX300 aqueous cleaning system marks a significant milestone in our journey towards environmentally friendly precision engineering, as we embrace water-based cleaning technology to deliver high-quality turned parts and CNC components while minimising our environmental impact. Read more

Mecwash MWX300 aqueous cleaning machine

APT’s Future Looks Bright with Apprentices Like Joe

13.04.2023 - Apprenticeship | Engineering

APT Leicester invest in the next generation of manufacturing talent, delivering an intensive three year training programme at the Groby factory. Joe Ford took the opportunity, completing his apprenticeship and committing to a career as a Setter Programmer. Read more

Joe Ford trainee setter programmer

Aerospace Accredited Turned Parts to Help Pigs to Fly

22.02.2023 - APT News

APT Leicester came to the rescue of a not-for-profit animal sanctuary, manufacturing guide roller shafts for a unique and innovative pig lift. With this expert manufacturing support the herd were able to receive much-needed pedicures. Read more

Pig lift in action hooves trimming

A Year of Improvement and Growth for APT Leicester

19.12.2022 - APT News | Turned Parts

2022 was always bound to prove a challenging year, with gradual recovery from the pandemic and high levels of demand for high-quality materials. However, APT have come through the trying times, with great reason for continued confidence. Read more

Nick Baller - Managing Director at APT Leicester

Aerospace Standard for all Our Customers at No Extra Cost

30.08.2022 - Aerospace | APT News

Having diligently supplied the Aerospace industry for over 20 years, we assure all of our customers of manufacturing to the AS9100 standard. Find out about the benefits in this article. Read more

AS 9100 rev D standard ready for jet engine parts

The Complete Guide to Machining Steel

21.06.2022 - Materials | Turned Parts

APT Leicester machine all grades of stainless steel for a wide range of engineering applications. Read our guide to discover why it’s such a good material choice for mill turned parts. Read more

Valve - Stainless Steel | Oil & Gas