Materials Overview

Aluminium Turned Parts

Specialising in precision-engineered components, our focus on aluminium turned parts reflects a commitment to quality and precision excellence. At APT Leicester, we leverage our CNC milling aluminium capabilities to produce custom aluminium parts, setting a high standard in aluminium machining for many industries.

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Benefits of opting aluminium turned parts

Specifying for aluminium turned parts offers significant advantages such as lightweight strength, corrosion resistance, and superior conductivity. These qualities make aluminium the material of choice for diverse applications, ranging from aerospace components to automotive parts, ensuring both efficiency and longevity.

Bespoke CNC aluminium components

Our service of bespoke aluminium CNC turning parts is designed to cater to the unique needs of our customers. Through aluminium CNC turning parts technology, we create custom components that adhere to specific design and functional requirements, embodying precision and excellence in every product. cnc milling aluminium.

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Aluminium turned parts

At APT Leicester, the crafting of aluminium turned parts involves a detailed process to guarantee precision and quality. Our proficiency in various aluminium alloys enables us to deliver parts that meet the highest standards of excellence, suitable for numerous applications.

Anodising aluminium parts

The process of anodising aluminium parts plays a crucial role in enhancing aluminium’s natural corrosion resistance while adding aesthetic value. This technique not only extends the durability of the components but also offers various colour finishes, augmenting the visual appeal of the parts.

Material grades for custom aluminium parts

The choice of material grades for aluminium CNC turning parts is vital for achieving the desired properties and performance. We utilise several aluminium grades, including:

  • 6082
  • 2011
  • 7075
  • 2014

To see machining examples with these materials, visit our gallery webpage, where you’ll discover a showcase of the diverse aluminium components we’ve expertly mill turned.

Nick at APT listened and understood exactly what we wanted to achieve with our valves. The quality of their brass turned parts has been consistently outstanding, I am so grateful for all their efforts.

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