Materials Overview

Brass Turned Parts

At APT Leicester, our turned brass parts reflect a commitment to precision, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Our proficiency in producing brass precision components and brass CNC parts elevates us as a key brass turned parts manufacturer providing high-quality turned parts tailored to our diverse industry customers.

Restricter Valve - Brass | Oil & Gas

Exploring the superiority of brass turned parts

Brass turned parts are notable for their distinctive combination of durability, ease of machining, and resistance to wear and tear. These attributes render brass an excellent material for a wide array of uses, especially in scenarios where electrical conductivity and non-sparking qualities are crucial. The versatility and excellent workability of our brass precision turned components showcase the superior adaptability of this material.

Bespoke CNC brass components

Our service in turning bespoke CNC brass components is dedicated to fulfilling the individual requirements of each customer. Through the precision of brass CNC turning, we machine custom components that are not only precise and durable but also meticulously tailored to match the intended design and functional specifications.

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Brass turned components

The production of brass turned components at APT Leicester involves meticulous attention to detail to ensure each component’s precision and quality. Our experience in working with different grades of brass allows us to advises and deliver parts that meet the highest standards, suitable for a myriad of engineering applications.

Key features and benefits of brass CNC parts

Brass CNC turned parts are celebrated for their versatility and aesthetic qualities. Key features include excellent thermal conductivity, resistance to corrosion, and a distinctive, aesthetic finish. These benefits make our precision brass components and brass precision parts highly favoured across numerous industries ranging from medical equipment to lock components manufacturing.

Material grades for brass CNC turned parts

Choosing the right material grades is crucial for the performance of brass turned parts. We work with a variety of grades, including:

  • CZ121 brass
  • CZ131
  • CZ112 brass

To view examples of our detailed work with brass, please explore our gallery webpage. There, you’ll find a diverse array of expertly crafted turned brass parts, showcasing our skill in precision brass turning.

I felt like APT understood exactly what I was asking for and did not try to specify something we did not require. We actually saved money, the new CNC parts are significantly cheaper to produce and delivered on time.

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