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Aerospace Accredited Turned Parts to Help Pigs to Fly

With over 20 years experience in machining Aerospace precision turned components, we were recently set the task of producing some roller shafts for a lift to support pigs weighing as much as half a tonne.

Innovative pig lift by Designeering

Two years ago a sounder of 100 pigs found safety at the not-for-profit Beneath the Wood animal sanctuary in Wales. Having been rescued from an illegal and horrific Pembrokeshire slaughterhouse, the pigs were in a terrible state. Their hooves had grown and in some cases become curved and uneven, making it difficult for the pigs to stand and walk. They were in desperate need of pedicures.

News of the pigs’ plight was initially shared by Leicester-based product design company Designeering, after they stepped in to engineer the special pig lift. Recognising that this was an excellent cause, we were happy to offer our services.

Following the creation of the unique modular pig lift design, APT manufactured the guide roller shafts. These precision mill-turned parts were made from marine grade stainless steel, providing the level of strength and weather-resistance needed in the harsh outdoor environment of the sanctuary.

Sasha Bennett, Director at Beneath The Wood Sanctuary, said, “The pig lift has met every expectation, being easy to operate and safe to use. This innovation is a massive improvement to pig care at the sanctuary and we are thankful for the parts APT Leicester provided.”

With our time and service having been provided free of charge, we were delighted to see the pig lift finished and in being used for the first time last month. Improved foot care means healthier lives for these animals, which is excellent news considering the immense trauma they experienced before being rescued.

Nick Baller, Managing Director at APT Leicester, said: “As a precision engineering company with over 60 years experience in CNC machining, we are proud to have manufactured components to help the Sanctuary continue looking after their pigs.”

If you’d like any further information on the pig lift or our range of services and Aerospace CNC machining capabilities then please send a message using the enquiry form on our contact page.