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Plastic Turned Parts

APT Leicester excels in the precision engineering of plastic turned parts, utilising advanced CNC plastic parts technology to deliver top-tier custom CNC plastic parts. As a renowned custom plastic parts manufacturer, our commitment to quality ensures the production of superior components suitable for a wide range of industries, all machined to AS9100.

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Exploring the versatility of plastic turned parts

Opting for plastic turned parts offers benefits like lightweight properties, chemical resistance, and versatility in applications. These characteristics make them suitable for a variety of sectors, including medical, automotive, and motorsport.

Custom CNC plastic parts

Our Bespoke CNC plastic components service combines design, engineering support, and machining expertise. We tailor all custom CNC plastic parts using suitable CNC technology to meet specific customer needs, adhering to high precision, quality, and AS9100 standard.

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Plastic turned parts

At APT Leicester, our plastic turned parts are machined with a focus on precision, durability, and aesthetics. Our decades of experience in plastic machining allows us to recommend the best plastic grade to meet any customer requirement, ensuring each part functions optimally in its intended engineering application.

Versatility of plastic turned components

Plastic’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Its ability to be shaped into complex forms and its compatibility with various manufacturing techniques allow for the creation of plastic turned components for industries as diverse as aerospace, pneumatics, and leisure.

Material selection for CNC plastic parts

Selecting the right plastic material is crucial for the success of a turned part. Different plastics offer varying properties such as heat resistance, strength, and flexibility. Materials such as Delrin, Nylon and Peek are chosen based on the specific needs of the application, ensuring optimal performance of the final CNC plastic parts.

Material grades for custom cnc plastic parts

In our production of plastic turned components, we use a diverse array of material grades, carefully chosen for their unique properties to guarantee optimal performance across various applications. These include:

  • Delrin
  • Acetal
  • Nylon
  • PTFE
  • Peek
  • Tufnol

We are dedicated to excellence and innovation in every project. As a custom plastic parts manufacturers, our advanced capabilities ensure we meet and exceed your expectations in plastic component manufacturing. Visit our parts gallery page to see examples of our precision work.

Thanks to APT's dedicated design department were able to improve the quality and precision of our components. We thrive for quality and that is why we use APT, the parts they deliver always sparkle, even to the eye.

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