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Lock Component Manufacturing

APT has been a manufacturer of complex and robust lock components for over 25 years. From design to precision mill-turning, including assembly and delivery, we can take care of everything. Our approach to lock component manufacturing is a blend of expertise, innovative technology, and efficient processes.

Euro Cylinder Locks

Expert lock manufacturing

APT Leicester have acquired a reputation as a leading and respected manufacturer of lock parts for the security industry. Working with the latest technology, we take great pride in the design and production of innovative and effective lock components.

You can have confidence in our ability to guide you through each stage of the process. We promise to provide complete engineering support and advice on the suitable choice of materials.

From the initial design and precision machining to the final finished product, you can expect outstanding service from APT Leicester.

We specialise in door lock component manufacturing for both domestic and industrial locks, all machined to AS9100 rev D standard.

A new approach to Euro cylinder lock manufacturing

APT have developed a new technique for Eurolock manufacture on a Doosan fixed head lathe. Greater levels of efficiency and accuracy can be achieved with this predominantly automated process. It also means the brass body can be machined during lights-out, delivering maximum capacity.

Compared to traditional CNC machining centres, the lathe set-up time is relatively short. This process also results in greater accuracy as the parts don’t have to be moved from one plane to another on different fixtures. We can manufacture a Euro cylinder lock body in different lengths and with specific features by simply changing the programme.

APT Leicester have been successfully manufacturing parts in this way for more than 12 months. We are currently producing 500 Eurolock bodies across the range of variants each month, with a good deal of capacity for increased volume.

Lock parts in brass, stainless steel and more

We use our state-of-the-art lathes for the precision machining of over 500,000 lock components in stainless steel, brass, and mild steel each year. These allow precision turned parts in diameters of up to 65mm, from bar, and also facilitate 300mm billet work.

Stainless steel lock turned parts

We manufacture a wide variety of stainless steel lock component turned parts, including:

  • Differ pins
  • Latches
  • Spring Stoppers

Brass lock turned parts

We maintain high levels of efficiency in the mass production of brass turned parts such as:

  • Eurolock Body
  • Outer Shells and Plug
  • Escutcheon Plates.

Heat treated steel lock turned parts

Extending beyond Euro lock bodies, our expanded expertise also includes manufacturing reinforcement collars, with heat treatment for added strength and durability.

Compliance with BSI Standards in manufacturing

APT’s recent collaboration in developing BSI-standard lock components showcases our comprehensive capabilities in lock manufacturing. Starting with prototype drawings and sample parts, our team rigorously tested and refined these components, focusing on their resistance to snapping, culminating in a final prototype that successfully gained BSI approval. This project, which saved time and costs for our client, highlights our teamwork, expertise, and advanced technology.

Extending beyond Euro lock bodies, our expanded expertise now includes manufacturing differ pins, outer shells, plugs, and housings. This success demonstrates APT’s proficiency in managing the entire manufacturing process, reinforcing our position as a leader in UK lock manufacture.

Are you looking for a lock turned parts manufacturer?

APT offer professional support in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of lock parts. We have the precision engineering knowledge and material expertise needed for the production of lock-turned parts that work together seamlessly and stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for lock-turned parts then APT Leicester should be your first choice. Get in touch to find out more about our efficient and affordable service.

We have worked with APT from the early days of design to volume production. Without their attention to detail and quality, we would not be able to produce our products. Great company to deal with.

Security – David B