Case Studies Overview

Quality Turned Parts for Competitive Fencing

Leon Paul is a world-renowned, British manufacturer of fencing equipment. They began working with APT Leicester more than 20 years ago. We have supplied them with high-precision turned parts for their range of masks, weapons, and other fencing gear.

Leon Paul approached us in the 1990s, recognising our ability to produce high-quality items to compete within the worldwide market and stand out from their German competitors. They were aware of our reputation, and specifically our ability to advise on, design, and manufacture high-quality components.

We worked from their original ideas, collaborating and using our CAD modeling system to develop the designs. We have combined our expertise in the manufacture of robust and superior-quality products, developing an efficient and repeatable production process. Having initially been tasked with the production of basic parts, such as screws, the relationship has grown with our design and manufacture of complex and highly precise turned parts for fencing equipment, such as weapon tips.

The relationship has remained strong, with more than 100,000 parts being produced each year for Leon Paul. At the present time, we are assigned to the manufacture of components for around 30 fencing products. These mill turned parts for fencing equipment are made from materials such as titanium, brass, stainless and mild steel. The range of manufactured parts includes the epee point tops, Super GT foil barrels, epee bases, grub screws, and latch pins.

As an example, we have produced a durable low-friction foil tip with a smooth action, ideal for Leon Paul customers. The tip has a burnished surface finish that is more than three times smoother than a typical continental version (15 mu as opposed to 49 mu) and which creates an ultra-low friction surface. A variety of technical and engineering improvements have been made, with the durability and performance of the components being increased for high-level fencing competitions.

Through ongoing communication, we have developed an excellent understanding of Leon Paul’s need for the production of commercially viable components. For example, we know where they require a tight tolerance (up to 0.005mm) on a product and where they don’t. We can supply them with parts of the highest standard, keeping the manufacturing process as economic as possible and enhancing Leon Paul’s competitiveness within the marketplace.

We came to APT because we wanted high quality items to compete within the worldwide market. They were able to resolve any production issues of working with titanium. From the concept, to the product, to the market, APT were with us all the way.

Sports & Leisure – Jack J