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APT’s Future Looks Bright with Apprentices Like Joe

Specialising in the manufacture of mill turned parts and CNC machined components, APT Leicester continue to build for the future by taking on apprentices for an intensive three-year training course. Having joined as part of the MTC engineering apprenticeship scheme, Joe Ford has made the most of the opportunity.

Joe Ford trainee setter programmer

Joe impresses the APT team

After leaving college at the age of 17, Joe decided to take up the level 3 MTC engineering apprenticeship scheme. Picking up general knowledge of units such as pneumatics, hydraulics, and electrical drawing, he was given a choice of placements at the end of his first year. APT stood out as the most interesting choice and Joe impressed during an interview with the team.

Beginning with the shadowing of the experienced APT team, Joe worked on a full-time basis at the Groby factory. Showing great interest and commitment, he returned to the MTC training college every 6 weeks for coursework and additional training. There was a practical focus, with Joe working on the sliding head machines and having to pass MTC assessments.

APT Managing Director, Nick Baller, said, “It’s been great seeing Joe’s progression over the last few years. He’s become a really valued member of the APT team and we’re sure that he’ll contribute to our continued success.”

APT investing in talent

Thinking back to the early days of apprenticeship, Joe remembered being confused about the meanings of the on-screen turned parts machining simulations. With essential support and guidance, he took regular opportunities for practice and his base knowledge grew. Having started out with basic machine setup, APT placed more trust in Joe – allowing for ownership over the complete process, from CNC programming the customer part to the final turned component.

APT arranged for Joe to take a three-day programming course at Star Micronics GB, so that he could quickly get up to speed with the different CNC machines used at the APT factory. This experience was valuable, with Joe committing to full-time employment as a Trainee Setter Programmer for APT on completion of his apprenticeship.

A fantastic experience

Joe said that he’d found the placement with APT to be fulfilling on a personal and professional level. From the first couple of weeks, he was welcomed and given vital support. Happy to have become part of the APT team, he plans on staying with the company well into the future.

Joe said that he’d definitely recommend the apprenticeship route to other college leavers, who might be unsure whether to study at university. He encouraged anybody starting out at APT to show as much commitment as possible, being prepared to go the extra mile to fit in with the company’s ethos for the best chance of employment.

A passion for sports

Although committed to a career within the engineering sector, Joe has kept up his favourite sports. He picked up the golf clubs for the first time aged four and has gone on to achieve a 14 handicap. He has also played competitive tennis and coached at Lutterworth Tennis Club.

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