Heat and surface treatment

APT can provide a range of heat and surface treatments for finished parts, depending on the customer requirements. We have many years’ experience and can advise on the best finish and treatment to improve performance.

Anodising bath for aluminium tuned parts surface treatment

Every part produced by APT is cleaned and finished to the highest standard. APT has invested in a Firbimatic Surface Treatment machine. This uses advanced, hermetically sealed technology to provide a high performance solvent cleaning process. We also tailor other finishes to individual orders, offering on-site barrel polishing, shot blasting and oiling.

Customers can request specific heat and plating treatments for their components. APT can advise on the most appropriate finish at the design stage. This may depend on the need to improve the hardness, corrosion resistance, solder-ability of the part.

We have the skill to build in allowances in the production specification for any change to the dimensions that may result from treatments. For any outsourced finishing, APT has cultivated longstanding relationships with the trusted local experts that we use. The final product is fully traceable and meticulously inspected before it ultimately leaves our factory.

We have worked with APT from the early days of design to volume production. Without their attention to detail and quality, we would not be able to produce our products. Great company to deal with.

Security – David B