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Eco-friendly Precision Engineering with New Aqueous Cleaning System

At APT Leicester, we are committed to prioritising environmental sustainability in our CNC manufacturing practices. As part of our ongoing efforts, we have recently integrated a state-of-the-art industrial aqueous cleaning system into our operations, a significant contributions to our green initiatives.

Mecwash MWX300 turned parts aqueous cleaning machine

Aqueous cleaning: a shift towards sustainability

In our continuous pursuit of reducing our environmental impact, we have replaced our previous solvent-based cleaning system with the MWX300 aqueous cleaning machine.

This transition signifies a major leap forward in our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices for the turned components we produce. Aqueous cleaning employs water-based solutions rather than harmful solvents, significantly reducing air pollution and minimising our carbon footprint.

Environmental advantages of the MWX300

This industrial turned parts washer, manufactured by MecWash in the UK, offers several key features that align with our eco-friendly objectives.

1. Efficient cleaning performance

The MWX300 combines ultrasonics with high flow washing and advanced cleaning technologies to deliver exceptional precision and quality. It ensures thorough removal of contaminants, such as oils, greases, and particles, from our CNC machined parts, maintaining the highest standards while minimising waste.

2. Water conservation

Water scarcity is a growing concern worldwide. To address this issue, our MecWash machine is coupled with an Aqua Save wash water recycling unit. This innovative system captures, filters, and recirculates the cleaning water, significantly reducing our water consumption and preserving this precious resource.

3. Sustainable manufacturing processes

By adopting this aqueous cleaning system, APT Leicester has taken a significant step towards sustainable CNC manufacturing. The machine’s efficient cleaning cycle, combined with water recycling capabilities, reduces our reliance on single-use resources and supports a circular economy approach.

Aerospace accreditation and quality assurance

As an AS9100 Aerospace accredited company, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and precision.

The MecWash MWX300 not only meets our stringent aerospace requirements but also helps us maintain our accreditations by consistently delivering pristine CNC turned components that adhere to industry specifications.

APT’s ongoing commitment to the environment

At APT Leicester, environmental responsibility is embedded in our company culture. Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our machinery choices, as exemplified in previous blog posts on our flexible and eco-friendly delivery approach and our comprehensive recycling strategy.

APT Managing Director, Nick Baller said: “The adoption of the MecWash MWX300 further strengthens our commitment to reducing waste, conserving resources, and minimising our overall environmental impact whilst maintaining the highest standards one the production of turned parts produced to Aerospace standard for our valued customers.”

Looking for quality turned parts with environmental responsibility?

We remain dedicated to prioritising environmental sustainability as an integral part of our operations, while consistently delivering high-quality turned parts and CNC machined components to our respected customers, meeting the stringent standards of AS9100 Aerospace accreditation.

At APT Leicester, we are proud to lead the way in precision engineering while championing sustainability. Join us in our commitment to a greener future without compromising on the quality of your turned parts. Contact us today to explore how our eco-friendly processes can benefit your projects.