Materials Overview

Stainless Steel Turned Parts

APT Leicester stands at the forefront of precision engineering, specialising in the manufacture of stainless steel turned parts and mild steel turned components. Our commitment to quality and precision shines through in every CNC turning component we produce, serving a diverse range of industries with unparalleled expertise.

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The advantages of steel turned parts

Choosing steel turned parts ensures durability, strength, and versatility. These characteristics make steel an ideal material for precision components in various high-demand environments, including specialist automotive, aerospace, and industrial machinery.

Bespoke CNC steel components

Our bespoke CNC Steel Components are tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. Using advanced CNC technology, we transform stainless steel or mild steel into precise, high-quality components, ensuring that each turned parts steel product meets the exact specifications required.

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Stainless steel turned components

Valued for their corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal, our stainless steel turned parts are machined in a variety of stainless steel grades. This allows us to create durable and high-quality components, meeting the diverse requirements of our customers and numerous applications.

Mild steel turned parts

Our production of mild steel turned parts showcases our proficiency in working with steel, a material renowned for its weldability and flexibility. By carefully selecting specific grades of mild steel, we mill turn components that strike a perfect balance between toughness and malleability. These parts are suitable for a broad range of applications, extending from the oil and gas industry to sports and leisure sectors.

Material grades for steel turned components

The selection of material grades for steel turned components is critical for ensuring optimal performance and suitability for specific engineering applications. We offer a diverse range of stainless steel and mild steel grades, each with unique properties:

Stainless Steels:

  • 316 / 316L (1.4401)
  • 303 (1.4305)
  • 304 / 304L (1.4301/1.4307)
  • 17-4PH

Mild Steels:

  • 230M07
  • 080M40
  • 605M36
  • 210M15

To explore examples of our precision work in both stainless steel and mild steel, please visit our gallery webpage. There, you’ll find a range of expertly CNC machined steel turned parts, showcasing our dedication to quality and precision in every project.

We came to APT because we wanted high quality items to compete within the worldwide market. They were able to resolve any production issues of working with titanium. From the concept, to the product, to the market, APT were with us all the way.

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