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Titanium Turned Parts

Leading the way in precision engineering, we specialise in the production of titanium turned parts, blending expert titanium CNC techniques with meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment to delivering top-tier titanium machined parts serves a diverse array of industries, establishing us as a key player in advanced manufacturing.

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The advantages of titanium turned parts

Titanium turned parts are renowned for their strength, lightweight properties, and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for aerospace, medical, and automotive applications. Their durability and performance under extreme conditions make them a superior choice for many engineering projects such as in the specialist automotive and sports technology.

Bespoke CNC titanium components

In our Bespoke CNC Titanium Components service, our team actively assists in designing and engineering parts, tailoring them to specific customer needs. With our deep expertise in titanium CNC machining, we recommend the most effective path to meet project requirements, ensuring that each component we produce is not only precise but also optimally designed, functional for its intended application, and the most cost effective to make.

Titanium turned parts

At APT Leicester, producing Titanium Turned Parts involves precision and an eye for detail. Our expertise in handling titanium ensures that every component meets our stringent quality standards, suitable for demanding applications across various engineering sectors. We focus on delivering turned components that offer a balance of strength and lightness, essential for high-performance applications.

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Advanced CNC machining techniques for titanium

In our work with titanium, we employ a variety of advanced CNC machining techniques that significantly enhance both the quality and precision of our products. This includes utilising high-speed CNC technology for intricate detailing and implementing precision milling for complex shapes. Our approach ensures superior surface finishes and tighter tolerances, making our titanium machined parts an ideal choice in challenging environments.

Innovative solutions in titanium turnings

Our team is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for titanium machined parts, addressing the complex demands of modern engineering. We blend creative problem-solving with technical expertise, resulting in unique methods for turning titanium that optimise strength and weight. Our solutions cater to the evolving needs of industries where titanium’s lightweight yet strong characteristics are crucial, such as aerospace and medical device manufacturing.

Material grades for titanium turned components

We work with a range of material grades in our titanium machined parts, including:

  • Titanium
  • 3.7035 Titanium Grade 2
  • Titanium CP3
  • Titanium 6AL-4V (Grade 5)

Our advanced titanium CNC techniques and wide-ranging expertise ensure that we consistently exceed expectations in titanium component manufacturing. We invite you to visit our parts gallery page to view examples of titanium turned parts and see firsthand how our capabilities can bring precision and quality to your engineering projects.

Working with APT is simple – they are professional, easy to work with and produce top quality products.

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