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How has APT Adapted During COVID-19?

The spread of Covid-19 has been catastrophic for the UK economy. Non-essential manufacturing was suspended for a couple of months, but is now picking up again. Here’s how APT is adapting to the new conditions and keeping up with production.

Coronavirus social distancing measures at APT

How has Covid-19 affected the economy?

The UK economy is now in recession. It comes after a 2.2% fall in Quarter 1 (January to March) and a record fall of 20.4% in Quarter 2 (March to June). The decline is directly linked to Covid-19 and its impact on our businesses and industries.

How has manufacturing been affected?

The UK lockdown was first announced on March 23rd. Manufacturing operations were initially allowed to stay open, but non-essential manufacturing plants were ordered to close shortly after.

The easing of lockdown measures in June allowed many manufacturing businesses to reopen. This was subject to guidelines being followed and social distancing measures being maintained.

How is APT responding to the current situation?

APT’s factory has fully reopened for business. We’re following government guidelines and the safety of our staff and customers is our number one priority.

We’re taking care to educate both our employees and visitors about the new safety measures we’re implementing on site.

How have you improved safety on site?

We’ve installed sanitiser stations around the factory. The stations are a reminder for staff to sanitise their hands regularly and routinely after touching factory surfaces.

There are lines painted at 2-metre intervals on the floor. These help staff maintain the recommended distance from each other.

We’ve introduced a one-way system around our programming room, so staff can move around safely and without inadvertently running into one another.

And we’ve limited access to certain areas of the factory. This reduces congestion and helps us avoid having too many people in the same space at the same time.

How are you making things safer for customers?

We’ve suspended the requirement for signed delivery notes, so there will be no need to sign for your delivery. This will help minimise contact between you and our delivery driver.

Has Covid-19 disrupted your service?

We’ve been working hard to get back to normal and minimise any disruptions to our service.

As a result, all our normal services are available and our lead times are currently standing at 4 weeks.

How can we get in touch?

We’re now back to normal working hours and can be contacted by phone and email, exactly as before.

Can we arrange a visit?

Yes. We’re allowing a limited number of visitors, by appointment only.

All visitors will be briefed on the new safety measures we have in place and will need to follow our Covid-19 guidelines.

Are you looking for precision machined parts?

APT specialises in the design and manufacture of precision machined components for a range of industries.

To find out more, or get a quote for manufacturing, please call the team on 0116 287 0051 or send a message using the enquiry form on our contact page.