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Aerospace Standard for all Our Customers at No Extra Cost

APT have been a committed supplier to the Aerospace engineering sector for more than 20 years, machining turned parts and CNC components that meet the AS9100D standard. This accreditation benefits all our customers regardless of their industry.

Jet engine for Aerospace industry AS 9100 rev D standard compliant

Aerospace precision machining for everyone

As an Aerospace machining company, all aspects of our manufacturing processes are monitored to ensure that we fulfil the requirements of the AS9100D accreditation. We do not charge extra for applying this standard and all our customers take advantage of the same quality precision mill turned parts.

Certificate of conformance for all turned parts

Whether your turned parts order is for Aerospace or any other subcontract engineering sector, we will supply you with a material certification. The certificate of conformance (CoC) demonstrates the component compliance and is supplied upon delivery at no extra cost.

Full traceability along the process

Aerospace manufacturing requires great attention to detail, from the sourcing of specified materials to the machining and surface finishing of parts. Exceptional standards are maintained through to the final inspection and delivery of parts.

We take great pride in the complete traceability of our products throughout the sourcing and production processes. As part of AS9100D, each manufacturing step is carefully documented for full traceability. So you can have confidence in the quality of our precision-turned and CNC-milled parts.

Meeting the needs of AS9100 Rev D

Investing in new technologies, quality control systems and staff training, APT are fully prepared to meet the AS9100 specifications and demands of our Aerospace clients. The whole company works to this Aerospace precision machining standard, with our engineers understanding their role in ensuring product conformity and safety. With all staff on the skills matrix, we assign suitable responsibilities and ensure continued compliance with AS9100.

Do you need AS9100-compliant Aerospace machining?

APT are experts in the production of complex and finely detailed precision machined components for the Aerospace industry and a wide range of other engineering sectors.

Get a quote on your turned parts or CNC components by calling APT Leicester on 0116 287 0051 or sending us an email here.