CNC milling frequently asked questions

Below we have answered questions commonly asked by our customers regarding our CNC milling production process.

High quality CNC milled components with 10 microns tolerances

Q: What is the biggest part you could CNC mill?
A: Our Haas machining centre production capacity allows us to produce prismatic parts up to 700mm long.
Q: Can you CNC mill plastics?
A: Yes we can CNC mill rigid plastics, contact us for more details.
Q: What CNC milling tolerances are achievable?
A: For high quality CNC milled components, tolerances of 10 microns are possible. Mid-range tolerances of +/- 0.05mm are usually achieved.
Q: Can you advise on suitable materials for our sector?
A: Yes, we are very knowledgeable and can recommend the best grade materials for your application.
Q: Can you reverse engineer components?
A: Yes, we can extract design and engineering information from most man-made parts. We often collaborate with customers, from initial design to the finished product.
Q: Can you put text on parts?
A: Recessed text with a minimum stroke width of at least 0.5mm is achievable. For smaller text or more complex features such as logos, we can laser engrave pre-milled parts.
Q: Is there any restrictions with small CNC milling features?
A: Small features are always tricky to CNC mill, especially in hard materials like stainless steel. We recommend that small features may not be less than 0.5mm in surface. Walls should typically be thicker than 1 mm or they will not survive the machining process, please contact us for more details.
Q: Can I see my parts being CNC milled?
A: Yes of course, please contact us prior to visiting.
Q: Do you offer different packing methods?
A: We offer numerous packing procedures to best suit your requirements and to ensure that your orders are always delivered in pristine condition.
Q: Can you produce material certificates with each order?
A: We supply material certificates with every single order at the time of delivery.
Q: How long is your lead time from order to delivery?
A: Lead time is dependant on our current workload but all our quotations always advise on delivery timescale.
Q: Can you Export parts?
A: Yes we export CNC milled parts across the globe. We ship to customers in Europe and worldwide and can deliver directly to them from our site in Leicestershire.
Q: Do you work to any manufacturing accreditations?
A: Yes, APT is compliant with the globally adopted AS 9100 and also ISO 9001. These accreditations are part of APT’s ethos and our commitment to quality control.
Q: Can you hold CNC parts stock for call off?
A: Yes, we are equipped to take blanket orders over a 12 month interval. This production process guarantees a first-class price usually associated with larger orders.
Q: Do you have a minimum order and setup cost?
A: Although we aim to keep setup time as short as possible, our minimum order value is £350 plus materials. Any additional heat and surface treatment processes like plating, anodising or polishing are charged at extra cost.
Q: Can you supply material certificates with my CNC milled parts delivery?
A: As standard, APT provides material certificates with every single order. This is part of APT’s commitment to quality and the accreditations we hold.